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Pause for a moment of stillness from the chaos of life. Let go, unwind, rest, recover and reconnect to yourself and to your higher consciousness.


Pause is your destination for relaxation, regeneration and holistic healing. Flotation and infrared sauna therapy are at the core of a complete regenerative experience, complemented by a custom float/guided meditation program designed by evenflow, a lounge featuring nourishing juices and organic teas, social events and educational workshops.

Pause will help you disconnect from the outside and reconnect with what’s inside.


flotation therapy

Welcome to the art of floating, a revolution in stress-reduction and regeneration.

For an hour at a time, immerse into one of our private, soundproof flotation suites and float in our custom-blend of buoyant Epsom salts, allowing you to lie back and tune out, unplugging from every sound, care and worry.

 Pause Float Studio Pod
 Pause Float Studio Sauna


infrared sauna

Detoxify, workout without working out, beautify, and rejuvenate, all while relaxing in one of our infrared saunas.

Sweating in an infrared sauna is a hyper-efficient sweat – deeply penetrating the skin and increasing circulation to help rid the body of harmful toxins while you experience relaxing happiness for your mind and rejuvenating recovery for your body.


somadome therapy

Enjoy a 20-minute unique technology-enabled meditation
experience for novices and advanced Mind-Body-Spirit practitioners alike.

Sit back, relax and amplify the scientifically proven benefits
of meditation along with the healing properties of Color Therapy, Binaural Beats, and Microcrystalline Tiles.

 Pause Float Studio Pod


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