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Float to heal, reset and recharge.


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Float therapy has application for the bodies of athletes & office warriors alike.

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Flotation therapy speeds the recovery of muscles and joints after training sessions, and helps restore postural alignment after a long workweek. Floating also reduces cravings, making a healthy weight management goal more easily attainable. And because floating improves circulation to each of the body’s systems, including the skin, you will radiate the post-float "glow.”

During a float the mind drifts into a profound state of relaxation that was once only available to lifelong meditators. No need to be intimidated, as even first-time floaters can enjoy neurological harmony. And floating doesn't just feel good—it reduces stress, headaches, improves sleep, releases endorphins and provides a lasting state of balance.

Regular floating results in increased energy, productivity, physical performance and well-being. Floating enables you to tap into heightened levels of focus and creative problem solving. And during your float, you can even explore a state of “super learning," where your fully relaxed and undistracted mind can make deep, new neural connections.


what is flotation therapy

Flotation therapy is the practice of entering an enclosed tub or sensory deprivation tank and becoming buoyant, while partially submerged in 10 inches of clean, body-temperature water, custom-blended with 1,000 pounds of therapeutic Epsom salts.

As you lay back, you float weightlessly, buoyed by the salts. The body-temperature water relaxes your sense of touch. The lights and sounds fade. Your heartbeat and breathing slow, your body unwinds, your mind opens.


Flotation therapy is relaxation through science. Eliminating your sensory overload allows your brain to drift into the half-awake, half-dreaming Theta state, where meditation and creativity flourish. Levels of the stress hormone Cortisol drop, while the feel-good dopamine hormone rises.

With your mind at rest, your body can focus on healing itself. As you counteract the harsh effects of gravity, your muscles and connective tissues begin to rest and recover. Joints are supported and relax, and your lower back begins to decompress and align. You emerge relaxed and reenergized. You feel lighter, brighter, sharper – a body and spirit high that lasts for days.


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Everyone can Benefit from Pause. Yogis and meditators can find deeper states of serenity, techies can unplug and recharge athletes and weekend warriors can heal their worn out bodies artists and entertainers can find creative inspiration.



floating enhances

1 | detoxification
2 | deep relaxation
3 | creativity
4 | super learning
5 | right + left brain syncronicity
6 | visualization
7 | sports performance
8 | athletic recovery
9 | muscle + bone regeneration
10 | hair and skin health

floating reduces the risk of

1 | hypertension
2 | depression
3 | anxiety
4 | insomnia
5 | chronic pain
6 | pain from injury
7 | heart disease
8 | fatigue
9 | migraine headaches

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Floating in water
Floating in water
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Floating in water
Flotation therapy
Flotation thrapy
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