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—benefits of flotation therapy

Whether you're using floatation therapy as a tool for meditation, creativity or rest & recovery, there are a wide-range of benefits that are difficult to get anywhere else. Benefits for you mind and body include:

Relaxation Response Poor sleep/insomnia

Heightened senses Endorphins

Pain Management Super-Learning

Increased immune function Brain Synchronization

Enhanced healing/Recovery Chronic Stressor Relief

Musculoskeletal Awareness Behavior Modification

Increased Stress Resistance Super-Learning

Meditation Deautomatization

Introspection Pyschoneuroimmunology (PNI)

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Flotation therapy is the practice of entering an enclosed tub or sensory deprivation tank and becoming buoyant, while partially submerged in 10 inches of clean, body-temperature water, custom-blended with 1,000 pounds of therapeutic Epsom salts.

As you lay back, you float weightlessly, buoyed by the salts. The body-temperature water relaxes your sense of touch. The lights and sounds fade. Your heartbeat and breathing slow, your body unwinds, your mind opens.

—what is flotation therapy


—how to float

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