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Find peace,
and yourself. 


— somadome

Where meditation meets the the healing properties of Color Therapy, Binaural Beats, and Microcrystalline Tiles

Pause Float Studio Pod
Pause Float Studio meditation

Pause is excited to partner with Somadome to bring you the first personal meditation Dome integrating three healing modalities to facilitate meditation and ‘whole person’ alignment. Combining traditional color therapy with scientifically tested binaural beat technology and proprietary energy-healing microcrystalline tiles, the curated sessions offer a unique, deeply restorative experience.



1.    Sit down and get comfortable in the ergonomically designed Somadome

2.   Put on the noise cancelling headphones and select from one the available sessions: Focus, Relax, Succeed, Recharge, Overcome, Heal (G), Love (G), Manifest (G)

3.   Sit back and relax for 20 minutes while listening to your chosen meditation track

4.   Emerge renewed. Each user will experience benefits specific to their needs. Users commonly report feeling: Relaxed. Recharged. Replenished. Better equipped to handle life’s daily stresses




Everyone can benefit from the Somadome. Yogis and meditators can find deeper states of serenity, techies can unplug and recharge, athletes and weekend warriors can heal their worn out bodies artists and entertainers can find creative inspiration.



proven benefits of meditation

1 | lowers blood pressure
2 | increases serotonin
3 | boosts immune system
4 | enhances creativity
5 | increases focus & intuition
6 | decreases tension-related pain
7 | decreases anxiety & insomnia

binaural beats

1 | facilitates insights
2 | promotes balanced hormonal production
3 | increases memory


color therapy

1 | boosts the immune system
2 | increased intuition
3 | helps with speech and communication


crystalline tiles

1 | feeling of calm and connectedness
2 | protection from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies;, a harmful aggregation of electrical intensity)


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Pause Float
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Floating in water
Flotation thrapy
Flotation therapy
Sensory Deprivation Pods

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" The goal of meditation isn't to control your thoughts, it's to stop letting them control you. "



Color therapy is based on the research that shows that colors, transmitted through light, deepen the benefits of a 20-minute meditation session in a myriad of ways.  Colors create electrical impulses in our brains, which stimulate hormonal and biochemical processes in our bodies. Different colors cause different hormonal, or chemical reactions, in our body. Color therapy then utilizes different color to promote needed mental and physical benefits.

binaural beats

Binaural beat meditation is based on the idea that sounds influence mood. When the right and the left ear hear sounds at different frequencies, the brain produces a third beat. This “binaural beat” is the difference in frequencies between what has been heard. This middle-ground frequency that your brain produces is completely inaudible and helps to guide your mind into natural brainwave states. The brainwaves that are produced by the binaural beats are the same brainwaves experienced naturally throughout the day and night. Each of the five brainwave states are associated with different healing benefits.

microcrystalline tiles

Microcrystalline tiles contribute to a feeling of calm and connectedness that users may have experienced while in nature, such as when hiking in the mountains or swimming in the sea.   Somadome incorporates the use of a specific type of microcrystalline tiles, called BioSyntonie® tiles. These tiles were created by Pierre Nicolas, a French researcher in geophysics. BioSyntonie tiles are ceramic discs that include a microcrystalline-like resonant quality. These discs produce vibrations that occur in nature, and block and dissipate the frequencies emitted by electronic devices, such as cell phones and microwaves. In this way, BioSyntonie tiles reset the body’s meridian alignment, allowing your vital energy to flow freely throughout your body.